• Community Solar Solutions
    Delivered efficiently and at scale by our Open Energy Platform™
  • A Technology Agnostic Platform
    That can deliver other distributed generation programs as well

A Platform Approach

Software that delivers a better experience for customers and more profitable program for operators

Streamline Customer Acquisition


100% digital processes for onboarding and qualification

Maximize Revenue


Actively manage participation and allocation to keep assets 100% subscribed

Efficiently Manage Customers


Customers self serve their accounts and bulk email tools

Leverage Existing Systems


Our APIs allow you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure

Enhance Customer Engagement


Customers have access to perfectly branded portal and monthly statements

Over the next two years, community solar in the United States is poised to see its market size increase sevenfold.
- GTM Research

Community Solar Software

Community solar requires the coordination of many different stakeholders. Utilities, customers, program administrators, developers, and others all have to collaborate in order to create a successful program outcome.

ProjectEconomics solves this problem by providing a software platform that connects each of these stakeholders, allowing them to play their specialized role more efficiently and at scale.

Consulting and Bespoke Software Development

No two programs are exactly alike. If your specific design requires a specialized model or software implementation, we're here to help

Community Solar Program Consulting

Program Design
Financial Modeling
Go-To-Market Strategy
Regulatory Landscape
Customer Acquisition

Custom Software Development

App Development
API Development
UI/UX Design
System Architecture
Business Process Automation

"Improving the economics of distributed generation through software"

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